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Number 6

So, things have been quiet recently... I know I've been a little busy these last few days (both working on MU* things like new newsfile and such, and non-MU* stuff), and others have told me the same thing, but let's try to get the ball rolling again.

As I see it, the last votes that were close or ambiguous were: Telepathy blocking tech - about even, and a fair number who still wanted to discuss the issue. So, have at it!

People were okay with the Columbia building disappearance, but a fair number wanted the death toll lowered. Any good numbers? I'm thinking 25 maybe?

We're also a little close on the X-Men known about issue, split fairly evenly on whether the X-men should be known about publicly, or not at all, so if anyone wants to discuss. My own suggestion is we just have some big mutant hostage situation that was defused by the X-Men, which led to information coming about about their assistance with the OMA handling of the Rutland situation and such, but their base of operations is not publicly known.

Everything else I think is fairly obviously one way or the other, but if you really feel passionate you can still try and sway people.

Oh, and the Mutant-led dictatorship question - Mekanix was basically an 'off the top of my head' name, since I'm horrible with that. So, I open that up to suggestions... keeping in mind there's one very obvious one that I'm hoping we don't use - because the regime can't last forever, and they'll need something to change the name of their country to in order to help erase the memories. ;)

Beyond that, these are the major issues I think we need to get done before starting, unless we want to abandon the ideas and have them come up in RP:
1) Excelsior - what it is, who it is, and such. There's been a little online discussion, but mostly just shooting ideas around, nothing I'd really call definitive.
2) Opening TP and Brotherhood/X team-up. A little discussion on it, but not too much.

and, a minor one:
3) Some kind of code that lets only staff, royalty, or wizards view the &bg attributes of players &bg or any attribute that starts with &bg).

After that, all that remains is any appstuff that needs to be done for any characters that need changes made, and the actual writing up of some of the major events, etc for people to see online. Not so much after all.

We've also talked about simplifying the alt policy - with preapps it becomes pretty easy - the basics are, you can only app two characters at once when you start, and after you have them, you can app one more at a time so long as you're keeping the ones you have already all active, and of course the usual 'alts in contact with one another' rules (and active being relative for the type of character - a scheming villain doesn't have to be RPing all the time, but an X-Man should). If you're not, then the preapp will be denied - a huge amount of work isn't lost though. Corvid's idea of Ultimates being much more plot-oriented than RP oriented, so people can have an Ultimate alt because they're not too much the type to go hang out and have coffee (although if they wanted to, that's fine too), was a good one too, so that'd be taken into account for activity.
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