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Further Excelsior Clarification

Zanny and I were talking earlier about the fate of The Pack, its relation to Excelsior and the structure of Excelsior itself. Zan would like a little more structure brought to what's quite a vague organization at the moment, so we beat out a few ideas. Everything that follows is MY OPINION, nothing official, nor is it meant to be. Just a starting point maybe we can beat something out from?

The fate of the Pack members:

As far as we can place people, Khai was off with the BH somewhere, Cordy had been taken away for a lot of therapy by Emma, Corvid dead, Kelly dead, Forge gone and the other Aerie peeps gone. That left Zan, Jono, Rwylann and Cadi as pretty much the "active" members of the Pack.

I'm guessing Cadi's "gone travelling", presumably Rwyl is still at the Academy? So that really just left Zan to agree what came next with the Pack.

Taking Kirk' post "Excelsior would then have been founded by a confluence of different interests who came together and got organized during the 1YG - to the point that it's really impossible to point to one person and say 'they started it all'. Leftover members of the Pack were heavily involved, if they wanted to be. The more tolerant churches. People like Xavier, for mutant tolerance, and the HFC, to eventually recruit useful mutants into their ranks and corrupt them with money and power, to the Brotherhood, to eventually recruit mutants into their ranks and prepare them for the inevitable day there is a war. Interested individuals, both anonymous and nonymous."

Zandra and I seem to be in agreement that while the actual origins of the group can't be pinpointed to one person, The Pack were involved very early on.


In terms of structure I'm imagining it to be rather like a charity setup. Some corporate work is done, but not widely advertised, like with the synergy idea and money is ploughed back into Excelsior, along with money raised by fundraising. Some of the more open members of society, like churches and more liberal politicians may be involved with raising funds as well as the general public, some of whom may well regard mutants as an "oppressed minority". While they certainly aren't in the majority, sympathizers to mutant rights do exist, in all walks of life.

Financially, are we assuming the Pack "invested" some of their own money in it, as did the BH and Xavier and the other "sponsors"? It presumably should be self sustaining. Finances should be taken care of within the structure of the charity without any input from any particular characters on a day to day basis and perhaps pays an allowance, or even wage, to its full time volunteers?

In terms of structure, Excelsior fulfils multiple functions:

1. Awareness - Foremost Excelsior is out there raising awareness of mutant rights and has been involved in organizing a couple of public demonstrations within NYC. They attempt to keep involved with the media and even political lobbying, aiming to raise awareness and also educate a largely ignorant public on mutants. They are not wholly effective but have made a start in that regard.

2. Housing - Excelsior run what is effectively a "hostel" for homeless mutants in NYC. The idea has been suggested that the Pack's firehouse could have been effectively gifted Excelsior for that purpose. Zandra would most likely be "dorm mom". Excelsior attempt to work with social services to re-house people more permanently.

3. Mutants for Hire - not publicized, but word of mouth within the business community as well as Excelsior's own contacts mean that Excelsior volunteers can effectively have their services "hired" for a fee. This is an offshoot of the "Synergy" idea that the Pack were involved with. Some businesses (Worthington Enterprises?) have admitted hiring mutants for performing certain tasks, which hasn't always resulted in good publicity. Most companies keep their involvement secret.

4. Hostel - As well as housing mutants, Excelsior offer a series of social services. They run a "hostel" within their main headquarters which includes running classes for mutants who are unable to enter education elsewhere (perhaps there could be "guest tutors" from the Academy and Xavier's? They also offer simple support groups where mutants struggling to come to terms with their changes or newfound powers can come and meet others. There's also the straightforward social side, where mutants can come to simply hang out with friends without worrying about the concerns of everyday society.
This is the area that most volunteers are involved with. There's a small permanent staff, but at "roots" level it's mostly volunteers (like Zandra, Jono and anyone else that wants to be involved).

5. Legal - Excelsior offer legal support to mutants who cannot afford it themselves and whose troubles stem from their mutations. (They're not likely to defend a criminal who used his mutant powers, for example, but would support someone evicted by their landlord for displaying mutant powers or a mutant who's accused of a crime using their powers, if they genuinely believe they are innocent of the crime or if there are extenuating circumstances). In addition they are actively involved in attempting to influence legislation affecting mutants in society.

Organizational structures:

Excelsior runs on a charity/corporate structure, set up as a professional organization with various different "departments".

Executive Committee

Effectively the "board" of Excelsior, the executive committee is made up of a number of patrons who have been involved in its creation. These include:

Professor Charles Xavier (Xavier Institute)
Zandra Thorne (The Pack)
Warren Worthington III (Worthington Enterprises)
Senator Harvey Brickman
Father. James McClay (Church of St. Anthony)

(possibly representatives from the Hellfire Club and Brotherhood (suitably low profile)?)


Appointed by the committee is the Chairman who carries out the day-to-day running of the Trust, liaises between the various sections of the organization and effectively works as a kind of "general manager".

Currently the Chairman of Excelsior is: Merriam Davies (NPC)


The financial side of the Trust is currently run by external accountants Connet and Leggett.


Legal representation of Excelsior itself is handled by the Trust's lawyers, Nelson and Murdock. There are a number of other legal representatives in the city who are prepared to do work pro bono out of sympathy for Excelsior or just plain fervor for the constitution and equal rights for all.

Full time Staff:

The main headquarters of the Trust has a very small full time staff, who deal with day-to-day administration as well as being involved with the activities taking place within the headquarters.


Finally, the largest group is made up of volunteers who do work for the Trust in any of their various sections. The largest of these groups is the group running the "hostel" side of things, interacting directly with mutants. Some are mutants themselves, others humans with sympathies towards the cause.
(This is where Jono and Zandra are most heavily involved, as presumably will be any other characters who want to get involved with the group.)

That was my take anyway. Any good? Comments?

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