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State of the XET Report

We know things have been very slow these last couple months, what
with Nanowrimo first and holidays second, but we are still
committed to making XET work. So, even though we seem to have hit
a standstill we're still trying to get plots ongoing, both old and
new, and, in the hopes it'll get people out and more active, we
are also trying out a new idea that might spark some new interest.

In addition to Canon Characters, Original Characters, Temp
Characters, and Fodder Characters, we're debuting a new type:
Fill-In Characters.

Fill-In characters are specific canon characters who aren't
currently being played, that we are opening up for ANY player
to RP for a scene or two, to help move plots along or just keep
things interesting. In essence, they become community NPCs.

They're called Fill-In Characters (FICs) because the general theory
is modelled after Fill-In creative teams on ongoing comics. Every once
in a while a writer needs a break or there's a few months of a
gap between an old creative team leaving and a new one taking over,
so they'd hire in a fill-in writer (or sometimes dust off an old
unused story for that purpose). Typically, fill-in writers
maintain the status quo, but they may also smooth the transition
between arcs.

There are of course going to be some ground rules:

1) Only player characters can use FICs. You must have an approved
character on the grid. We may consider exceptions on a case by
case basis.

2) Page a staffer online for the character password. Do not change
the password, or do other stuff to the character object, obviously,
and make sure you check to see if someone's using the character
before logging in. You don't have to ask every time you use the
character, but the password will probably randomly change every
few months, so if it does and you want to use the character just
request it again.

3) You pretty much use the existing status quo of the character and
don't make any major changes. You don't have Wolverine quit the
X-Men to join the Brotherhood, for example (at least not without a
TP plot). You don't engage in romance/relationship plots of any
kind (even FTBing), or, really, anything designed to change the
conditions of the character you're playing or flesh out their
history. This isn't to say the characters themselves are
necessarily, for example, single, but, much like happens in the
comics, sometimes we just never see or hear anything about that
side of them. Scenes that do take too many liberties will
probably not be approved.

For the most part, Fill-In Characters are chosen because they're
pretty close to the canon version of the character at least in
personality, and so should be easy to pick up for anyone remotely
familiar with the comics. Don't do it if you're not familiar with
the character, and don't do it just to advance another character's
personal story in an artificial way either (say, playing Tony Stark
and using him to give another character a job with Tony Stark).
The rule of thumb is don't do something that would require a
trait change.

4) Scenes with FICs must be logged, and the log must be submitted
within two days of the completion of the scene. Canonicity of
FIC-scenes are considered provisional until they actually appear
on the logs list.

If you're planning on playing a FIC you have a responsibility to
read logs posted by other people using that FIC, but like most
of the rules, we're on the honor system. Likewise, if you're
RPing with a FIC and you're aware of something that temporary
player should know, let them know. It might be a good idea to
@mail a FIC character a brief summary of a scene once you
complete it, so another player will know what's happened

5) A successful preapp for a FIC automatically removes them from the
FIC list because a full-time character is always preferable to a
bunch of people playing a guy temporarily.

We're still working on the list of Fill-In Characters (and are
open to suggestions, both of characters who have been played but
are not currently, and for canon characters who might not have been
played, but we will not necessarily make every canon character who
can be made into a FIC, into one).

To start with, expect the following to be released on the X-Men side:

Alex (Havok)

We'll also be looking at potential Brotherhood people, and, of
course, villains anyone can pick up and use for a scene or two.
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