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Year Gap Events

Cut and pasted from Kirk's April Fools' post. It's as good a place as any to start for Year Gap ideas.

1. Similar to the comics, Xavier is now publicly 'out' as a mutant, as is the school. He personally made the statement on live television, and even though he has downplayed the extent of his abilities, many do not trust him. The existence of the X-Men is known about, but not their true missions or objectives - they're designated as a disaster relief task force who are occasionally called in to assist the government in apprehending dangerous mutants.

2. The government has finished forming its own superteam, known as the Ultimates, lead by 'Captain America'. Other countries are following suit, admitting the presence of their own teams, including Canada, the UK, China, and Russia. It's expected that other countries are forming teams but have not yet admitted it.

Some NY organized crime families have also begun actively recruiting mutant members.

3. After a violent overthrow of the existing regime, there is a mutant government on a small island in the Indian Ocean. After the revolution, it was renamed Mekanix by the new leader who apparently has the ability to control machines at a great distance. A US spyplane was brought down apparently simply by the desire of the leader when it crossed his declared border.

Far from being a mutant utopia, however, a small group of powerful mutants forms the ruling class, while humans and other mutants form the underclass. Mutants who are judged to be too much of a threat to the rulers are executed, others are used as slave labour. Every person in the country is tested for mutancy at puberty and branded with a symbol indicating their status. The US has cut off all diplomatic relations to the country, and there are calls to send in the Ultimates if the country's leader follows through on his threats to invade other countries.

4. Magneto has been largely absent. Rumor has gotten through the rest of the Brotherhood that he's planning to capture an asteroid and establish a mutant nation free of any worries of Earth-bound governments. Others say he's dead. Meanwhile the rest of the American/Australian branches of the Brotherhood has made great advancements adapting Forge's technology to their own systems, and have taken over the running of the Mass. Academy, buying it from someone handling Emma's financial affairs in her absence. There has been some talk of moving the New York portion of the gate to the Academy, but it hasn't happened yet (and would be up to players).

Other former cells of the European Brotherhood have formed their own splinter groups, some of which have come to America.

Among the US Brotherhood's current targets is a rising movement of humans who believe they can and should develop their own superhuman abilities by harvesting the bodies of mutants. Many of their active agents have harvested arms or legs that the Brotherhood has determined comes from the same mutant, that they believe is a healer. There's rumors of drugs on the market which are produced from the glands of living mutants, that give temporary powers to those who take it.

5) In terms of major NY events shaping public opinion in the world: Pop star Britney Spears was attacked by mutants calling themselves Morlocks during a concert. Many died, including Spears herself. The apparent instigator of the attack was captured, but later escaped from custody. For a while after this, obvious mutants in particular were seen as potentially violent and portrayed that way in the media. Even in some mutant communities there's been some friction between 'showers' (obvious mutants)and 'passers' (mutants who can easily pass in normal society, and who choose to do so for any reason).

During the most recent X-Mas break, one of the buildings in Columbia University completely disappeared, leaving only bare Earth. Almost 100 people were inside and presumably dead - many more would have been killed if classes were in session. Although there has been no evidence, mutants were blamed, and a number of both mutant and human terrorist groups have claimed responsibility. The OMA has left the case open but is operating under the theory that the mutant responsible also died (or disappeared) in the event.

There's been a significant mutant backlash in New York since these events, although it's starting to wane in recent months.

A charity event put on by local NY mutants for disaster relief didn't raise expected amounts of money, but did help smooth over some relations and went off without major problems - protests and screaming matches, but no violence.

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has been outed as a mutant in the tabloids, and later admitted this fact on Oprah. (This name is subject to change)

6) In addition to standard technological progress in the last year, the US government has managed to produce telepathic dampener shields that fit on the head, as well as area units that blanket a small area with static that prevent reading or control (but cause migraines in some people with extended exposure). They're not available for public purchase yet (although many people claim to sell such items, they don't actually work), but important government buildings are protected and if you have the connections you can get protection for yourself. The head units are conspicous, though can be covered by a hat or helmet.. however, most can only operate for a few hours before battery power runs out.

7) To help facilitate new players taking over old characters with complicated RP, in addition to the '1 year gap', we're declaring that at some point in the last year the mutant community was plagued by a creature pretending to be a mutant, which ate memories. It never ate all of a person's memories, but specific bits, especially certain dramatic or traumatic memories went missing and could not be retrieved even by telepaths. The drains were not directly observable in any way, and not even telepaths were immune, so it took quite a while to even notice the problem.
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