Ith (xet_ith) wrote in xet_talk,

Cannibal Nazi and Rabid Wolves

So from the discussion in LJ plus what talk there has been on XETT, seems like we're pretty much settled on the concept of our opening TP. That being that the K crew launch an attack against our merry mutants, forcing them to close ranks.

Now unto a few paritculars. From what I remember (and htat isn't much these days), the Xers ran afoul of our cannibal Nazi's, kicked butt and ran away with stash in tow. Until now, the Brotherhood has had no interaction with them.

Doesn't this then change our parameters? The idea seemed to focus around the Brothers getting their butts handed to them and running to the Xmen. Would it really work in reverse? Does it even matter?

In any case, I liked what ideas I've been hearing. With a bit more work I think we'll have our Tp ready to go.
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