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Getting Moving

Discussion has tapered off again, so I think we're at the point where we'd better just make decisions based on what's already been said and just get started. To that end, unless there are any extreme objections:

1) Excelsior: What I've gathered from discussions so far is that it should look something like this - Basically NY based (maybe other cities are trying their own, but NY is the biggest and most organized), a big brownstone, that's part hostel, part mutant rights lobbying place, part hangout, part job-arranging business. While they do arrange hiring people specifically _for_ their specific mutant powers, this part isn't as publicized because most companies don't want to admit when they're doing that for fear of public outcry, and force non-disclosure agreements. It's known about, and that type of hiring does go on, but is a mixed blessing as regards to advancing acceptance of mutants. More helpful is a neutral job-placement service where companies that want to project the 'we're cool, we don't discriminate' will hire mutants, even obvious ones, based on their education and skills. Unfortunately given the circumstances of many obvious mutants, this is usually on the lower-end of paying jobs, but a job is a job.
Excelsior would then have been founded by a confluence of different interests who came together and got organized during the 1YG - to the point that it's really impossible to point to one person and say 'they started it all'. Leftover members of the Pack were heavily involved, if they wanted to be. The more tolerant churches. People like Xavier, for mutant tolerance, and the HFC, to eventually recruit useful mutants into their ranks and corrupt them with money and power, to the Brotherhood, to eventually recruit mutants into their ranks and prepare them for the inevitable day there is a war. Interested individuals, both anonymous and nonymous. No big nefarious force controls it, but some of the people who helped start it hoped it would further their own goals, some of which might not be so noble - but really, all in all, even despite all those people and their individual agendas, when you get right down to it, it's a charity trying to do good by its people, rather than anything evil that just happens to look good for the moment. It's influenced by too many people for the bad apples to directly manipulate it into doing anything outright shady.

2) The opening TP will involve the Brotherhood being surprise-attacked by the Karotechia (surprise in the sense that they didn't expect the attack - they may well have had previous clashes with the group itself, but felt they were safe from a direct attack). There were other ideas tossed about, but this seems to be the one that captured the most interest. Staff will continue working on it behind the scenes, and we'll probably have a little bit of time for casual RP before the event itself (so we can have enough people approved when it actually happens, but the people who are already approved can do casual RP until then). This isn't to say discussion is completely closed from the non-staff sides.. if you have important aspects you think it'd be good to include, great, talk about them here, but I think by this point it's important that we settle on the idea and get work on it started, rather than discuss it as one of a number of them.

So, I think we're now open fully for apps and reapps. The policy for new characters is pretty straightforward, I think, but for reapps:

Alter your traits online - keep track of which traits have changed and how. @mail *Apps including any information and explanations you want to include. Rina's player has graciously provided some code for +bg stuff, so use this command to include any major events that happened in the 1YG (or longer, depending on the character). See '+help bg'. It's only viewable by
staff. In time we may put up a publicly-viewable version or find a way
to selectively unlock it, but for the meantime people who want their BGs publicly available can do so using the old method of OHXETs.

We'll reply as soon as possible - as we expect this influx to be our busy time, can't give any estimates about how long it'll take, but we'll try to keep it down to no more than a day or two. Once your new traits are fully approved, e-mail a copy of them (and your new-BG stuff) to the xet-apps e-mail list - this doesn't need to get approved, it's just so we have an offsite record of changes.
Still time for discussion on various topics if you have anything you need to say that hasn't been.
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