Number 6 (newnumber6) wrote in xet_talk,
Number 6

Whipcrack + More brainstorming needed

The initial idea for the Opening TP was an attack on the Brotherhood that forces them to close ranks with the Xers. Right now it may need some reworking for a simple reason:

As far as we can tell, right now, there isn't any Brotherhood presence to speak of. Maybe people are secretly working on Brotherhood alts, but we haven't heard any, and to the best of our current knowledge, the PCs in the Brotherhood once the game gets going will be:

Yep, that's it. Scott might come back if there were actually a Brotherhood presence (though I can't speak for him), but just for Scuzz, it's really not worth it to do a 'Brotherhood and Xers close ranks'... I already have an alt in the mansion, and as fun as it might be to have Scuzz being a jerk there, he wouldn't hang there on his own.

So, we need alternate opening TP suggestions... we could still have the Xers attacked by Karotechia I suppose, but it lacks the same fun to it that the teamup did, so I thought I'd open it up for suggestions again... preferably something that lets a lot of different people get involved.

(Also, this is your irregularly scheduled cracking of the whip if you haven't yet been approved for RP. Get your character changes, if any, done, or your new apps and preapps in! :))
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