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July 8 2005 - XET Returns


I'm sure by now that everyone knows that the official "open" date for XET - The Return is July 8th.
I've spoken with the other staffers and we have a new opening TP ready. It's still in the inital stages.
However we've got some of the general ideas and plans worked out.

In any case, I only mention all this so that our players know that we are moving ahead.
Things are ready to get up and go. All we need is for folks to get their apps in.
We've had a flurry of approvals over the last few days. Still waiting for everyone to get their apps in.
So if you have not, please do.

As well, waiting to see what happens wrt our current team rosters.
Currently we have a few X-men and the Scoobies. We also have the Ultimates (which is largely NPCs).
Excelsior has yet to make an IC presence, but is made up of former Packers.
Brotherhood is defunct (as an active team).

What we need is some new blood into old teams. Or old blood into new teams. Or new blood in new teams.
However it works out.
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